Transforming Metal Production

For thousands of years, humans have burned fossil fuels to produce molten steel. There’s a better way, and the future of our planet depends on it.

We’re electrifying primary steel manufacturing

Boston Metal has developed an electrolysis process that eliminates the need for coal in steel production. An electro-chemical process, electrolysis uses direct electric current to separate chemical compounds into their constituent parts.

Our Molten Oxide Electrolysis (MOE) technology provides the most direct, scalable solution to make green steel.

In the cell, an inert anode is immersed in an electrolyte containing iron ore and then it’s electrified. When the cell heats to 1600C, the electrons split the bonds in the iron ore.

The result is a clean, high purity liquid metal that can be sent directly to ladle metallurgy — no reheating required.

Unlike alternative green steel technologies being developed, our MOE platform works with all iron ore grades.

MOE converts all grades of iron ore into liquid metal and oxygen

Our patented platform technology uses renewable electricity to convert the full range of traded iron ore grades into steel through an energy efficient, one-step process.

The Path Forward

We’re on track to reach commercialization by 2026 to meet growing global demand for green steel.


Semi-industrial validation of MOE cell – steel production


Commercial plant deployments – ferroalloy production


Demonstration plant deployment – steel production

Second half of the decade

Commercial plant deployments – steel production