Department of Energy Selects Boston Metal to Launch Advanced Manufacturing Plant in WV

Features Published: December 5, 2023

We are excited to announce that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has selected Boston Metal to negotiate federal funding to establish a new manufacturing plant in Weirton, West Virginia. This initiative, supported by the President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and under the guidance of the DOE and the White House Council on Supply Chain Resilience, is a significant step towards transforming the nation’s advanced manufacturing sector, with a particular focus on revitalizing former coal communities across the United States.

“The most valuable asset for the project is a legacy workforce that has played a significant role in the U.S. metals industry.

CEO Tadeu Carneiro in the New York Times

Our upcoming facility in Weirton represents not just the creation of a manufacturing site, but a pivotal shift towards advanced manufacturing jobs in a region historically known for coal. This project is crucial in bringing the production of critical materials, like chromium metal to U.S. soil. We are grateful  to the DOE, Secretary Jennifer Granholm and the Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains for their support in this transformative project.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s statement on this development underscores the importance of this initiative: “Today’s announcement is further recognition of West Virginia’s legacy as America’s Energy Powerhouse, and I could not be prouder to see the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law continue to help bring new opportunity and investment to our state. Weirton and the surrounding communities will yet again be on the cutting edge of developing new energy technologies that will help strengthen our energy and national security. When it comes to energy, there truly is no better place to do business than the Mountain State.”

The impact of this funding extends beyond job creation; it is about revitalizing communities and strengthening national energy security. The over $600 million in private sector investments aims to create nearly 1,500 high-quality jobs. It is a significant move to ensure that the U.S. remains competitive in the global clean energy market, which is expected to grow to at least $23 trillion by 2030.

Each of the funded projects, including ours in Weirton, are located in or adjacent to disadvantaged communities, highlighting the administration’s commitment to inclusive growth. These projects span various segments of the clean energy supply chain, from wind turbines to energy-efficient building solutions, paving the way for a sustainable future.

Transitioning from coal to renewable energy is a critical shift for many communities. This change, while filled with potential, presents challenges, particularly for workers who have been central to America’s energy sector. The DOE’s initiative is focused on providing new opportunities to these workers, easing the transition to new industries.

The DOE’s funding is not just an economic boost; it’s a reflection of the resilience and adaptability of American communities. As we embark on building our new manufacturing plant in Weirton, we’re laying the foundation for a sustainable, secure and prosperous future.

About Boston Metal

Boston Metal is commercializing Molten Oxide Electrolysis (MOE), a tonnage metals technology platform powered by electricity, to decarbonize steelmaking and transform how metals are made. MOE provides the metals industry with a scalable, cost-competitive and green solution for the production of steel and high-value metals from a variety of feedstocks and iron ore grades. Backed by visionary investors and led by a world-class team, Boston Metal is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts and has a wholly owned subsidiary in Brazil.

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