Boston Metal presents at 2022 Code Conference

Features Published: September 16, 2022

CEO Tadeu Carneiro with Code Conference host Kara Swisher and Sustainable Cities co-panelists

We were delighted to be invited to the 2022 Code Conference to discuss our revolutionary green steel technology. CEO Tadeu Carneiro participated in the Sustainable Cities panel together with Ahmad Wani from Once Concern, Kelly Erhart from Vesta, and BlocPower’s Donnel Baird.

Tadeu highlighted the importance of steel as a critical element in sustainable solutions for cities, pointing out that it’s the most important engineering material in the world. But steel production is extremely carbon intensive and accounts for about 10% of global carbon emissions. He talked about how our molten oxide electrolysis process eliminates nearly all carbon emissions from steelmaking and will be a key technology to achieve net zero on the timeline society is demanding.

To learn more about the premier Vox Media event that draws top leaders from tech, media, government, and business to discuss topics from cryptocurrency to climate change, check out the Code Conference website.

About Boston Metal

Boston Metal is commercializing Molten Oxide Electrolysis (MOE), a tonnage metals technology platform powered by electricity, to decarbonize steelmaking and transform how metals are made. MOE provides the metals industry with a scalable, cost-competitive and green solution for the production of steel and high-value metals from a variety of feedstocks and iron ore grades. Backed by visionary investors and led by a world-class team, Boston Metal is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts and has a wholly owned subsidiary in Brazil.

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