Molten Oxide Electrolysis for high-value metals recovery

To expand our high-value metals business, we opened a subsidiary in Minas Gerais, Brazil where we will deploy our patented MOE platform technology to turn a liability — mining waste — into an asset. MOE uses electricity to selectively extract valuable metals from complex, low-concentration materials that are currently considered waste. This will enable mining companies to reduce the financial and environmental liabilities of slag by leveraging a natural by-product of metal production to create new revenue streams. Veja a página da Boston Metal do Brasil

Ferroalloy production using Molten Oxide Electrolysis
Diagram of ferroalloy production

MOE provides the metals industry with an efficient, selective, and modular solution to produce a variety of metals and alloys from a wide range of feedstocks.


Here’s a look at where we are and what we expect to accomplish over the next few years.


  • Boston Metal do Brasil opens as a wholly owned subsidiary of Boston Metal Veja a página
  • Site secured and design work begins on the high-value metals facility in the municipality of Coronel Xavier Chaves near São João del Rei, Minas Gerais, Brazil


  • Commercial deployment of MOE cells for high-value metals


  • Scaling to an annual production capacity of thousands of tons of ferroalloys


  • Continued expansion to incorporate other feedstocks and target metals