Decarbonizing steelmaking for a net-zero future

We’re commercializing a one-step technology that uses clean electricity instead of fossil fuels to produce green steel. Our game-changing technology platform is cost-effective, scalable and creates value throughout the steel value chain.

Molten Oxide Electrolysis (MOE) for Steelmaking

We’ve developed an electrolysis process that eliminates the need for coal in steel production. Our MOE platform uses renewable electricity to convert all iron ore grades to high-quality liquid metal. This direct approach eliminates several steps in the steelmaking process and does not require coke production, iron ore sintering and pelletizing, blast furnace reduction or basic oxygen furnace refinement.

In the MOE cell, an inert anode is immersed in an electrolyte containing iron ore, and then it’s electrified. When the cell heats to 1600°C, the electrons split the bonds in the iron oxide in the ore, producing pure liquid metal. No carbon dioxide or other harmful byproducts are generated, just oxygen. Furthermore, MOE does not require process water, hazardous chemicals or precious-metal catalysts.

The result is a clean, high purity liquid metal that can be sent directly to ladle metallurgy — no reheating required.

Our Molten Oxide Electrolysis cells are already producing liquid iron and ferroalloys

Our steel decarbonization technology is on track to reach commercialization by 2026 to meet growing global demand for green steel, and our high-value metals business will produce revenue in 2024.

MOE Cell

We removed carbon from the equation

Our MOE technology replaces fossil fuels with renewable electricity in an efficient, one-stop process that has the potential to cut 10% of the world’s carbon emissions.

Key Benefits

Zero CO₂ Emissions

No coal, coke or need for carbon capture

Powered by renewable electricity, MOE replaces the most carbon-intensive steps in primary steelmaking.

Cost Effective

An efficient, cost-competitive and environmentally sustainable solution

MOE converts even low- and mid-grade iron ore fines directly into high-purity molten iron, enabling the broadest possible supply of feedstock.

Modular & Scalable

Tailormade solution for metals production around the globe

Modular MOE cells are about the size of a school bus and can be scaled — from thousands to millions of tons of output — by adding new cells.

Transforming Steel Production

Steel is the foundation of our world, but steelmaking is extremely carbon intensive and accounts for about 10% of global CO2 emissions. To reach net-zero carbon emissions, the steel industry needs a direct, scalable solution.

Did You Know?

Our green steel business model is to license our MOE platform technology to steelmakers. Boston Metal will not produce steel. In addition to licensing the technology, we will manufacture and market our metallic inert anodes, which are a critical component of MOE for green steel production.

The Path Forward

We’re on track to reach commercialization by 2026 to meet the growing global demand for green steel. Throughout 2022 and 2023, our semi-industrial MOE cell was validated for steel production. During 2024 and 2025 we will scale demonstration plants to prepare for commercial deployment in 2026.

Inert Anode Program

We’re using cutting-edge materials science and engineering to develop a cornerstone of our green steel technology.