Frequently Asked Questions

Boston Metal is a global metals technology solutions company that is commercializing Molten Oxide Electrolysis (MOE), a patented tonnage metals production platform powered by electricity. MOE is expected to provide the metals industry with a more efficient, lower cost and greener solution for the production of steel and other metals from a wide variety of feedstocks and iron ore grades. We are based in Woburn, MA, just north of Boston, and we have a wholly owned subsidiary in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

How does Boston Metal’s MOE technology produce green steel?
What is Boston Metal’s high-value metals business?
When will MOE become commercially available?
Will Boston Metal produce its own steel or license the technology to other manufacturers?
Is the same MOE technology used for both the green steel and high-value metals businesses?
How does steel produced with MOE compare to “traditional” steel in terms of cost and performance?
How does Boston Metal’s technology compare to hydrogen-based steelmaking?
Why is green steel important?
Is Boston Metal working with any steel companies?
What is the company’s history?
How many employees does Boston Metal have?
Is Boston Metal listed on any stock exchanges?
Who are Boston Metal’s investors?
What Is Boston Metal’s total funding to date?