The Benefits of

Molten Oxide Electrolysis

Boston Metal is electrifying the primary steel industry with a simple, efficient, and modular solution for decarbonizing the most important engineering material in the world.

Zero CO2 Emissions

Iron Ore + Electricity = Liquid Iron + Oxygen

We’ve removed carbon from the equation. The formula is simple. The process, not so much. But we’ve proved it at laboratory scale and now we’re refining it at industrial scale and are already producing molten metal in our test production cell.

Capital Expenditures

Cost Competitive

Molten Oxide Electrolysis (MOE) converts even low- and mid-grade iron ore fines directly into high purity molten iron. This enables the broadest possible supply of feedstock and protects against the price volatility of premium ores. Our simplified process eliminates the need for coke production, iron ore processing, blast furnace reduction, and the basic oxygen furnace refinement.


About the size of a school bus, Boston Metal’s modular MOE cells can be scaled up to meet production capacity targets from thousands to millions of tons of output for a customized steel manufacturing solution.


We’re proud to have our efforts recognized by leading industry organizations, including, including: