We’re building a direct, scalable steel decarbonization solution

And ramping up a high-value metals business in Brazil

Boston Metal announces close of first round of Series C fundraising, led by ArcelorMittal

World-class investor syndicate

We’re backed by a leading steelmaker, top cleantech venture capital funds, mining companies, and steel users committed to decarbonizing heavy industries for a net-zero future.

We’re honored to be named the 2023 North American Company of the Year! Thank you to the expert panel at Cleantech Group for recognizing our green steel technology.

2022 was a busy year — we nearly doubled our team, opened a subsidiary in Brazil, and tapped a 25,000-amp MOE cell at our HQ in Woburn, MA

Infographic: Transforming Steel Production

Steel is the foundation of our world. But, steelmaking is extremely carbon intensive and accounts for about 10% of global CO2 emissions. The steel industry needs a direct, scalable solution to reach net-zero on the timeline society is demanding.

Disrupting steelmaking for a net-zero future

We’re commercializing a one-step decarbonization technology that uses clean electricity instead of fossil fuels to produce green steel. Our game-changing technology platform is cost-effective, scalable, and creates value throughout the steel value chain.

Zero CO₂ Emissions
No coal, coke, or other carbon-intensive fuels

Powered by renewable electricity, Molten Oxide Electrolysis (MOE) converts all iron ore grades into liquid metal and oxygen by separating oxides at high temperatures.

Cost Competitive
Capex is a fraction of integrated steelmaking

Compared to traditional production methods, our technology offers a more efficient, lower cost, and environmentally sustainable solution across the steel value chain. It’s competitive without a carbon tax.

Tailormade solution for metals production around the globe

Boston Metal’s modular MOE cells are about the size of a school bus and can be scaled — from thousands to millions of tons of output — simply by adding new cells.

Our Molten Oxide Electrolysis cells are already producing liquid iron and ferroalloys

Our steel decarbonization technology is on track to reach commercialization by 2026 to meet growing global demand for green steel, and our high-value metals business will produce revenue in 2023.

A docuseries inspired by Bill Gates’ book How to Avoid a Climate Disaster features Boston Metal